Muuto presents SHADES, ceramics with character

Creatively blurring the line between decoration and function, SHADES bowls & vases represent intriguing design for everyday life.

The beautiful sculptured series consists of two different sized bowls and a vase, all made in dyed clay material and hand polished – adding distinctive character and personality to any interior space.

The SHADES are cast in one piece and burned in a kiln at 1350 degrees. The series all have a raw but smooth surface on the outside and a soft glazed surface on the inside.

ANNE JØRGENSEN ON THE DESIGN ‘The Shades series of porcelain objects was shaped playing with lines in the clay and the interaction with light. The facets in the ceramics create a pattern of shades that change constantly as you move around it. The contrast in the surface of the matte outside and the glazed inside, underlines the modern aesthetics of the porcelain.’