Bolzan Letti. Decorative comfort

Bolzan Letti’s journey towards the contract-furniture sector was a natural one. It was design evolution in line with the development of a sector in a constant state of growth. Specialising in the production of upholstered beds since 1990, the Treviso-based company has indulged its innate vocation – realising the concept of comfort in the bedroom – through its two-pronged service strategy: large-scale supply and bespoke. It is within this context that the new Collezione Contract was born, a line characterised by various models of headboard, in both modern and classic styles, available in several combinations and compatible with a variety of different bed bases. The design highlight of the collection is undoubtedly the headboards themselves, which – thanks to their ample size and rich finishing (such as capitonnè or quilting) – elevate the product to a fully fledged decorative element for the bedroom: a sort of upholstered panelling that enhances the room with colour and style, amplifying the quality and value of each individual bed.

“Having had the opportunity to produce fireproof products that comply with all the different regulations in place across the various countries of the world, we are well-connected both in the hotel and private residence sectors. Our contract division is also capable of creating products for the naval sector. The company’s young, dynamic vibe has contributed to us winning high praise, something that allows us to move forward and further develop in the sector,” explains Elisabetta Bolzan, co-owner of Bolzan Letti alongside her brother Piercarlo. One of the fundamental strengths of the contract division is the ability to create made-to-measure products, tailoring them to meet the specific needs of each client. The company’s artisanal philosophy is applied to this brief, with the concept of personalisation influencing sizing, fabrics, production techniques and finishing. 

“This multi-faceted identity allows us to create a plethora of interior objects for haute-couture stores, hotels and communal areas, extending our range of upholstered pouffes, stools, seat pads, mini-sofas and desks, as well as curtains and, of course, beds and headboards,” continues Bolzan. Such an increase in production is a direct response to a specific market trend: the desire for widespread, accessible comfort. “Upholstered furniture is in high demand. The international hotel division is currently in a state of great expansion, a fact that – in our view – is part of the growing trend for pairing the concept of hospitality with that of optimum comfort. There is a demand for increasingly well-maintained, personalised spaces in terms of the furnishings, in order to make the guest feel like they’re in their own home.”