Natuzzi’s DNA in the new Harmony Maker campaign

Natuzzi Italia’s new advertising campaign is underway. Developed by GreyUnited, the creative idea is based on the concept of harmony that represents the archetype that underpins the brand’s identity. Puglia provides a captivating backdrop

Harmony Maker is the title of the new advertising campaign presented by Natuzzi Italia at its flagship store in Via Durini in Milan.

Puglia, a region with which the company has a strong and vital bond, provides a captivating backdrop with its wonderful colors, representing the brand’s “muse”.

“With the Harmony Maker campaign,” commented Pasquale Natuzzi, “we wanted to go beyond the product and present the Natuzzi brand. We strongly believe in what we are, in our fifty-six years of history and in our ability to create spaces steeped in beauty. And we have achieved this by taking inspiration from our homeland, Puglia.”

Created by GreyUnited, in close collaboration with the Marketing and Communication Department and the Natuzzi Style Center, the campaign starts from the aspirational concept of harmony and the more concrete concept of craftsmanship, which represent the spirit that underpins the brand’s identity.

“This campaign,” explains Pino Rozzi, CEO of GreyUnited, is the start of a very exciting journey that began over a year ago, leading us to redefine with the client the brand’s global positioning and to feature Natuzzi’s long-standing unique traits in our advertising.”

The new campaign, coordinated by the Natuzzi media center, is part of an integrated communication platform that mainly focuses on digital channels with a global investment of over 10 million euro for 2016.