95% of Barovier&Toso acquired by Oikia

Officina dell’Arte and Vetrai28 have sold the majority of the historic Murano company to Oikia 3. The company’s management has been confirmed

Oikia 3, a company owned by Rinaldo Invernizzi, has acquired 95% of Barovier&Toso, a historic Murano company that specializes in decorative glass lighting.

It was sold by Officina dell’Arte (an investment vehicle held by the AVM Private Equity and DVR&C Private Equity funds) and Vetrai28, a company that belongs to the Barovier family. Around five years since its initial investment, Officina dell’Arte sold its 80% stake in the company, while Vetrai28 and Iacopo Barovier remain part of the corporate structure, though with reduced participation. Iacopo Barovier was also confirmed as president and managing director of Barovier&Toso, guaranteeing that tradition is preserved and ensuring continuity for the management.

“After the very positive experience with Officina dell’Arte, it was right to consider further consolidating the company’s structure,” commented Iacopo Barovier. “The chosen path, which all the members of Barovier&Toso agreed on, was to find a passionate, credible partner with a long-term vision. Oikia 3 has all these qualities. I also believe it is very positive that Barovier & Toso is once again part of a family property, as close as possible to its history and characteristics. There is still a lot of room for growth and I am sure that the new corporate structure will make a very important contribution to development programs.”