Not only classic. The evolution of style furniture

Made in Italy confirms its multifaceted nature finding a sought-after luxury in the forms of classic. Reminiscences of times past and powerful ornamental motifs are standed to craftsmanship . Everything  is an exaltation of matter perspective.

Despite changes in fashion and style, classic trend retains a “raison d’etre” which is particularly appreciated overseas. Products can be imagined in sumptuous private residences or hotels, where generous open spaces permit furniture resembling works of art to be displayed at its best. In addition, companies producing classic pieces offer the possibility to create custom made projects: projects completely made-to-measure which include furniture and all interior requirements, from doors to wooden panelling, to floors or lighting.

However, even classic trend is not static and immune to evolution and market trends. Items presented at the Salone del Mobile perfectly express the dual path that fashionable furniture is taking. On one hand it remains firmly anchored in tradition so classic pieces are ever more lavish and splendid, rich with hand processes (carvings, inlays and applications) and fineries, with research into detail and materials becoming fundamental. On the other hand, forms are becoming softer to present a more sober style, a modern reinterpretation of Art Deco. We can therefore find materials and finishes borrowed from contemporary work (leather and lacquers) with less elaborate forms and a lighter and fresher look. Innovative collections are emerging which give a head-nod to contemporary trends whilst also meeting the furniture requirements of the new emerging markets.