Ron Gilad’s Glass Cube

Molteni&C has entrusted the Glass Cube project at its Giussano production site to Ron Gilad, reinventing an existing building. The result is a 400 sq m exhibition space consisting of empty spaces, glass and special installations

Gilad reinterprets the distinctive themes of Molteni&C‘s corporate identity: materials – primarily wood – quality, experience, technology, industry, craftsmanship, products and collections. The white, minimal space inside Glass Cube contains monumental doors and endless teak wood walls. This white box does not have any partitions because it is occupied by objects that create the space, influencing its nature and quality. Here, Ron Gilad’s ironic, provocative vision focuses on great classics and contemporary pieces, which he reinterprets by manipulating their forms and functions.

A sofa dives from the ceiling into the space. A chest of drawers by Gio Ponti is cut in two, like the divided cow by Damien Hirst, to show how it is made and reveal its technological design. Piroscafo, designed by Luca Meda and Aldo Rossi, becomes a ship with a warm, red belly, like the colourful chest of drawers by Carteggio, which is mirrored in its double and becomes a free-standing totem-sculpture. The containers and shelves designed by Gilad have a geometric design, alluding to Donald Judd.

The heart of the project is a Wunderkammer, where reality and fantasy intertwine and mingle through the multimedia technology of 3D mapping projections, in a site-specific sound environment composed by Fabrizio Campanelli and performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.