Atmosphera | Alcova

Conjuring up Arabian atmospheres, the Alcova collection creates places for relaxation and wellbeing, with just the right touch of privacy and seclusion

Alcova by Atmosphera, design by Atmosphera Creative Lab

Inspired directly by the Arab tradition of the “al-qubba” or alcove, the intimate and secluded space in the bedroom given over to the bed, adorned with exquisite oriental silks and gold paintings. A place of rest, of value, and passion. Atmosphera recreates the idea of this feeling in the Alcova collection, poised between furniture and architecture for exteriors. An aluminium structure supports a system of sliding panels in teak and aluminium that offer protection from the sun and wind, allowing light to delicately filter through.

Inside can be accommodated Lounge, Daybed and Dining options, openly connected with nature but at the same time able to protect privacy and wellbeing. Thanks to the light blinds and ergonomic cushions the result is a welcoming place where you can completely relax out in the open air.