Dedicated to dreamers

This year 3daysofdesign, the event held in Copenhagen from 12 to 14 June, liberates the creativity of architects, designers and artists. In pursuit of dreams


“If you ask a designer, an architect or an interior decorator, they will tell you they do not create just products, buildings or interiors. They create dreams,” says Signe Byrdal Terenziani, CEO of 3daysofdesign, to explain the theme of the event in 2024. “Dreams are the gateway to our deeper thoughts. A launching pad for the imagination, free of the limitations posed by practicality. Unconventional ideas and solutions can emerge from the dreamscape.”  The visual identity of 3daysofdesign has been assigned this year to BIG – Bjarke lngels Group, which has created 3D graphics on the theme Dare to Dream: an investigation of how good design can have an emotional – not simply practical – function.

Signe Byrdal Terenziani – Photo © Egon Gade
Swedish Ninja

“For us this meant inspiring and being inspired,” says Paula Madrid, lead graphic designer at BIG. “We see it as a way to get beyond the boundaries of imagination.” And she adds: “Bjarke and I wanted to avoid losing sight of the inner child, because we want to stay curious, without the expectations that become limits in the end. We wanted to push the envelope and to ‘keep crazy.’” This year’s event will be the biggest ever: over 350 exhibitors present different perspectives on the design discipline in showrooms, galleries and spaces all over Copenhagen. Besides the display of design visions and products, the core of 3daysofdesign is the energy and curiosity of visitors, arriving from all over the globe.

Helle Mardahl Studio

The event is in fact a platform of encounter for the design community, where old friends gather, new connections are created, and innovative ideas are swapped. To get your bearings, this year the app of 3daysofdesign has been optimized, focusing on the user experience: the app offers the option of creating a personal calendar of events and shows, in line with individual preferences, to simplify the process of getting around the city.

Signe Byrdal Terenziani

New developments include the Design Walks guided by the team of 3daysofdesign, ready for reservations at the website: divided into districts, they offer a program of in-depth visits to explore the various zones.

Sedia ‘Egg’ by Fritz Hansen, design Arne Jacobsen

As always, the program includes historic Danish brands alongside emerging and experimental players, always with an eye on sustainability: because the wellbeing of people and the planet is a central pivot of the philosophy of 3daysofdesign, the driver behind every single presentation or exhibition. A vision of design and life that can be summed up with the words of Andy Warhol: “I believe that having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art anyone could ever want.”