Passage by Kettal

A term that is broad, versatile and highly evocative has been used to name the latest chair from the Kettal brand: Passage. A concept – passage – that immediately conjures up movement, transformation, travel, evolution, with references that find echoes in the world of art, literature and music. In fact Passage is presented as a chair that is transversal in terms of its use and settings in which it can be placed, able to find instant harmony in situations quite different from one another. Thanks to its simple and elegant structure, Passage cannot be confined to a single destination.

As such, it can be perfect and coherent both in an intimate, private setting as well as in public places like bars, restaurants and hotels. It complies with standards for outdoor use but is perfect for indoors. It finds favourable placement in an urban context yet with the same ease can create a soft contrast in a rural setting.

And if it first glance it seems to be a simple structure, closer examination reveals that in actual fact Passage is the result of a refined production method and meticulous study of the various components that successfully interact in a fluid and balanced continuum. Aluminium underlines and reinforces this great versatility and capacity for transformation.

The lightness of the material makes it practical and easy to move from place to place while its resistance to weather conditions gives it great resilience in situations of stress. Consisting of a tubular frame made from a single piece of extruded aluminium, the structure supports and embraces the seat and backrest.

These latter two elements can be in aluminium wood, fabric, rope, leather or straw, creating extensive possibilities for customisation and increasing the adaptability of Passage. Recycled and recyclable, the chair is also aligned with Kettal’s company philosophy, always seeking to optimise production processes in order to minimise environmental impact.