Gordon Matta Clark in Milan

Curated by Alberto Salvadori and Azalea Seratoni, the exhibition “Gordon Matta-Clark. Contemporary is Tomorrow” at the Montrasio gallery in Milan retraces the history of this extraordinary American performance artist

Gordon Matta-Clark_Bingo, 1974

Best known for his “building cuts”, Gordon Matta-Clark, today universally recognized as one of the most influential and charismatic figures of the twentieth century, meticulously curated incisions in abandoned structures on the verge of demolition. His works range from houses in New Jersey and the outskirts of New York (Splitting, 1974, Bingo, 1974) to central Paris (Conical Intersect, 1975), commercial buildings (Office Baroque, 1977), and industrial structures (Day’s End, 1975)

Gordon Matta-Clark, Infraform, 1973

Matta-Clark (New York 1943 – New York 1978) studied architecture at Cornell University, graduating in 1969. In the same year, he met Dennis Oppenheim, who assisted in creating the ice cut at Beebe Lake (Ice Cut, 1969). This experience marked a decisive moment for the beginning of his artistic practice. The cut-in itself becomes a metaphor, serving as a critique and contemporary protest of culture—not only architectural—but society as a whole. Of his interventions, nothing remains, as the destruction of the architectural objects takes with it the artist’s action. The timebound nature of the performative action combines with the ephemeral nature of the spatial intervention. The remaining fragments, transformed into sculptures and installations, are indispensable, combined with the documentation of these operations, realized through photographs and videos. The exhibition “Gordon Matta-Clark. Contemporary is Tomorrow”, set up until June 8th by Montrasio Arte in Milan and curated by Alberto Salvadori and Azalea Seratoni, presents a series of works along with documents. It provides a comprehensive look at the work of the American artist, focusing on certain moments of his artistic activity: his stays in Milan and Genoa between 1973-1975 and his relationship with Italian and European art collecting.

Gordon Matta-Clark, Arc de triomphe, 1975

Jessamyn Fiore, art curator, and writer, co-director of the Estate of Gordon Matta Clark, will discuss the Milanese experiences of the artist with Alberto Salvadori, the director of ICA Milan, at the Luigi Rovati Foundation, Milan, on Friday, April 12, 2024, at 6:30 pm.