Between past and future

With a sober yet passionate narrative, Federico Palazzari – CEO of Nemo Group – introduces the concept for Milan Design Week 2024

Lina Bo Bardi by Nemo - photo © Marco Reggi

Nemo was founded in 1993, but the company’s heritage is a journey that spans the entire 20th century and includes timeless names from international design. Respect for its origins, underlining the value of human resources and emphasizing the drive for independence and innovation, frame Nemo’s presentation at MDW24 with a nameless installation, because its title is 31 years long.

Lina Bo Bardi by Nemo
Lina Bo Bardi by Nemo

Naples-native Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uva was selected by Nemo to construct the Corso Monforte set. The exhibition brings together Lina Bo Bardi, Álvaro Siza, Le Corbusier (the present past) and Valerio Sommella (the present future), with his “heretical” Sorrento candelabra, embodying continuity in Nemo’s philosophy.

Lorosae table by Nemo, design Alvaro Siza

Three rooms represent a narrative, with materials beloved by the various designers serving as a distinguishing element: a representation that shuns nostalgia for the past and instead propels Nemo’s past into today, driving new paths, fueling long and surprising journeys. Without ever forgetting where it came from.