The sense of community for Audo House

A recent extensive refit transforms the ‘house’ of the Audo Copenhagen brand into a new and unusual creative destination, where design meets hospitality

Audo House, Copenhagen - Photo © Armin Tehrani
Audo House, Copenhagen - Photo © Armin Tehrani

The signals indicating that the luxury brand Audo Copenhagen is a herald of fresh ideas were already all in place. Based on the merger of two companies (Menu and By Lassen) and The Audo (a boutique hotel with a bar and restaurant), the product portfolios and strong points of this team have been combined to create a global leader in the field of premium interior design. Furnishings, lighting and accessories capable of transmitting the beauty and values of Scandinavian classics as well as modern, minimalist design.

Confirmation of the vitality of the operation comes with the refurbishing of the Audo House space in the Danish capital – a building from the mid-1900s in the Nordhavn district – opened in 2019 and now ‘revised’ in terms of forms and concepts.

Multifunctional and eclectic, the new home of the brand contains a café, a restaurant, a concept shop, spaces for events and a showroom, as well as an exclusive residence. A true community in constant expansion, delving into diversified ambits. This is why the facility is capable of providing a contemporary global vision, but also a renewed sense of belonging through shared experiences and design.

The releases of future products will be accompanied by a painstaking selection of works of art, together with historical references to Danish modern architects and more recent pieces. Audo Copenhagen collaborates actively with important architects and interior designers from around the world, managing iconic products including the timeless Kubus collection of the architect Mogens Lassen or the Tired Man chair by Flemming Lassen. Everything is positioned – for use and purchase – in rooms that reflect the comfort and familiarity of the home.

Kornbek-Engell Hansen, director of the brand, explains: “Audo House embodies the collaborative spirit of Audo Copenhagen, redefining the way we use design and space, and the way we connect with them and with each other. It is a creative destination for powerful ideas, marvelous design and inspiration.

Art direction by Christian Moeller Andersen
Photo © Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, Mario Depicolzuane, Christian Moeller Andersen, Armin Tehrani, courtesy Audo House