Vibia | Dots Outdoor

Expansion of the Dots collection designed by Martín Azúa, to also punctuate outdoor spaces with light

Dots Outdoor by Vibia, design Martín Azúa
Dots Outdoor by Vibia, design Martín Azúa

A gentle beam of light emerges almost at ground level, inserting itself discreetly in the vegetation of a garden or a patio, and forming an easy interface with both architecture and nature. This is the Dots Outdoor collection by Vibia, expanding the family of lamps originally designed by Martín Azúa for indoor use. These compact lamps can exist on their own or in combinations of multiple units that create a luminous galaxy, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

With the technical components hidden from view, the cylindrical fixtures are equipped with an opening that reflects light from the inside, allowing designers to play with the direction of the brightness and to create luminous compositions with various units.

Dots Outdoor is available in three neutral colors, generating a harmonious dialogue with the host context, in an approach of total stylistic and chromatic uniformity.