Ofitres | Tono cabinet and desk

The new Tono cabinet and desk models by Ofitres adapt to the spaces of the home office, co-working or contract applications, as well as a new way of working and living

Tono by Ofitres
Tono by Ofitres

Harmony of color and form is the earmark of the Tono cabinet and desk, furnishings that create settings in which to feel right at home. The cabinet, with its elegant, light design, permits multiple configurations.

Starting from a unit with a height of 78 cm, with two, three or four doors, it is possible to choose different heights and different combinations of doors, open or closed compartments, various colors for the handles, locks and combinations of internal and external finishes.

The Tono family expands, also offering managerial desks, which like the company’s other items are produced with eco-sustainable materials and innovative, functional design of the highest quality. The furnishings come in walnut, beech or oak, aluminium or marble.