Air by Contardi, Design Adam D. Tihany
Air by Contardi, Design Adam D. Tihany

Sartorial crafting and eclecticism, innovation and the ability to interpret different styles – in short, to “shape light.” This is the essence of Contardi Lighting, a brand known on the international scene for its solutions that make elegance and functionality their distinctive earmarks, ready to enhance any space, from hotels to private residences.

Among its new offerings, Contardi Lighting presents AIR, a project based on collaboration with the designer Adam D. Tihany, a product with a green spirit that combines innovation with the concept of recyclable design, in a perspective of sustainability and reduction of environmental impact.

As the designer himself explains: “Air is an element that is absolutely essential for life on our planet. The AIR lamp, made in 100% recyclable material, lets air flow freely through its artistic cuts. The light sources seem to float, upward and downward, reminding us that light is the only material that escapes from the laws of gravity.” The architectural and decorative quality of the brand’s products are combined with a constant focus on improvement of production processes, a commitment to reduce waste materials and the use of energy-efficient light sources, enhanced by supports in innovative materials.

AIR is a suspension lamp with a refined sartorial approach, a full expression of the brand’s DNA, featuring contemporary lines in a perfect combination of looks and functional quality, to generate a true luminous explosion at both the bottom and top. Thanks to its particular form, the light radiates through a dense pattern of laser cuts on the diffuser, projecting fascinating games of light and shadow on surfaces while emitting a warm enveloping glow.

As further proof of the environmental focus, the body of the product is made in Green Cast®, a material that can be reutilized infinitely, in 100% recyclable and recycled acrylic derived from products at the end of their life cycle, as well as production scrap. Finally, the result is an elegant and decorative structure, but the element that most fully embodies the green philosophy is the cream-color finish, generated during the process of creation of the material itself, for further reduction of impact that would be caused by a lacquering phase.