.Wonder Book Spring Summer 2023. The Craft of Complexity

Among the guiding themes of this edition is Italy and its potentials. All the projects chosen however, whether in Italian or international contexts, show a complex, multidimensional and heterogeneous approach in their different typologies or lifestyles envisioned

According to the sociologist Edgar Morin, “There is complexity only when the different components that make a whole are inseparable (such as the economic, political, sociological, psychological, affective, mythological) and when there is a interdependent, interactive. and inter-retroactive link between the parts and the whole and between the whole and the part, and the parts among themselves. Complexity is, as such, the link between unity and multiplicity.” This theory of complexity lends itself to being a a metaphor for the architectural or urban and landscape redevelopment projects. This is precisely the concept that Mario Cucinella uses in the interview published here. And it is also fitting to the configuration of the Italian natural and urban landscape with its historical and architectural layers.

Alessandra Bergamini - Deputy Editor of .Wonder Book
Alessandra Bergamini – Deputy Editor of .Wonder Book

Among the guiding themes of this Spring Summer 2023 edition of the Wonder Book is Italy and its potentials – from the work of Mario Cucinella Architects and CaberlonCaroppi to the contributions of our guests on the White Box page, Carlo Masseroli of Nhood, Cristina Paini of LHM and Giovanni de Niederhausern of Pininfarina Architecture, as well the redevelopment and redesign projects in the Veneto and the Milan area and the new projects in Tuscany.

Keeping to the theory of complexity, all the projects chosen, whether in Italian or international contexts, show a multidimensional and heterogeneous approach to the world in their different types design approaches or lifestyles envisioned, interweaving a plurality of interconnected components.

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