Bold by Ethimo
Bold by Ethimo

Ethimo has always focused on the world outside, making a fundamental contribution to the formulation of today’s idea of contemporary outdoor living: an environment where design establishes a relationship with nature in a seamless way, respecting it, relying on its material identity, its shades of color and impressions of the Mediterranean landscape.

The new Bold collection of tables presented by Ethimo reinforces this vision, combining the timeless beauty of natural stone with the rugged force of concrete. Inspired by megalithic works of architecture, the tables of the series of complements of great expressive impact. Theatrical in their juxtaposition of materials, they stand out for architectural presence and sculptural allure. The legs are slim and sturdy, and thanks to the particular workmanship of the concrete they produce an evocative sanded effect. The tops of the tables, without seams and with a slim profile, are in natural stone enhanced by polishing to make it silky to the touch. The Bold tables are available in two versions: rectangular, with ample proportions (280 cm x 150 cm) and soft lines, and in the more original triangular form with rounded corners (150 cm at the side), suggesting the shape of a plectrum.

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Thanks to their delicate hue, evoking the shadings of ivory, stone and concrete, the Bold tables are transformed into ‘monochrome sculptures’ that can be combined with many types of seating, for a wide variety of configurations. With their poised, elegant presence, these tables can be utilized in various contexts, from country gardens to seaside decks, residential settings to the most refined, exclusive locations.