Functional synergies

In Dubai, inside a building designed by Pininfarina, Fantoni has created the offices of a group composed of twenty companies, operating on four continents. The project manages to keep various specificities separate, while creating an environment that facilitates communication and teamwork through efficient use of space

Taurani Holding (Dubai) by Fantoni
Taurani Holding (Dubai) by Fantoni

The TechnoPark in Jafza, a suburb of Dubai, is an office district with an area of over 2000 hectares. Inside a building designed by Pininfarina and marked by a dialogue between full and empty zones, Fantoni has created (with interior design by Deborah Trombetta) the headquarters of Taurani Holding, a multinational group operating on four continents.

The façade of the building alternates concrete surfaces and large windows, creating a rhythm of light. Fantoni has exploited this effect to create highly functional operative spaces. Inside the structure, the various companies of Taurani Holding operate efficiently, each with its own history, management and specificity. Together, they generate functional synergies inside the building.

For Fantoni the challenge has been to utilize different collections in a coordinated way and with a single spirit, while responding to the needs of the various companies involved. For the shaping of the areas, the choice has gone to the I-Wallspace system, conceived to subdivide zones while offering great design freedom, meeting requirements of outfitting, flexibility and acoustics. The operative portion has been made with the Framework 2.0 furniture program, combined with Hug Pods workstations.

The other products utilized in the project are the Woods tables and the Outline storage elements (both designed by Metrica), accompanied by operative, managerial and visitor seating produced by Fantoni.