Spazio Esperienze Parma: the new lighting destination

In Parma, Davide Groppi opens a new Spazio Esperienze, a place in which to experience the magic of light, in a context of expressive freedom

Davide Groppi, Spazio Esperienze Parma
Davide Groppi, Spazio Esperienze Parma

“A story that expands, like light, into different and unexpected contexts.” This is how Davide Groppi comments on the opening of the new Spazio Esperienze Parma, an effective showcase for the brand. The medium is light, allowed to freely spread through the creations of the light designer. 

After openings in Milan, Piacenza, Bologna, Verona and Majorca, the new Spazio Esperienze Parma becomes yet another “point of arrival and departure of our vision,” ready to welcome designers and all those who want to approach the universe of Davide Groppi, created around three basic concepts: Essence, Space, Light

As in the previous Spazio Esperienze facilities, both Nordic and Japanese inspirations abound. The contemporary lamps of Davide Groppi are in tune with typical northern European design, with original furnishings and objects from the past. But the clean forms are a direct echo of Asian culture, based on simplicity and purity. 

“In our Spazio Esperienze locations we seek the amazement in the eyes of the observer, of those who perceive our small but concrete magic, the subtle balance of light we attempt to achieve every single day. We want to give our visitors an intense, intimate and unforgettable moment, to light up their dreams… and the desire to return.”

Spazio Esperienze Parma
Str. Luigi Carlo Farini 92A
Parma, Italia