Allure by Talenti, Design Christophe Pillet
Allure by Talenti, Design Christophe Pillet

Specialized in the design of outdoor furnishings, Talenti offers lines capable of creating synergies between functionality and elegance, classic and contemporary, relying on the collaboration of the most famous international designers, such as Palomba Serafini Associati, Ramón Esteve, Marco Acerbis, Nicola De Pellegrini and now Jean-Philippe Nuel. The creative interaction with Christophe Pillet has produced the Allure line, suggesting an ideal of universal décor capable of adding character to spaces in constant transformation, with pieces that act as absolute protagonists, though also bringing discreet refinement.

In the perspective of an all-around collection, Talenti offers a true family of products, from the sofa to the dining table, the coffee table to the armchair and the sun cot, triggering an experience of inimitable, complete style.

Everything rotates around subtle balances, reminders of tradition and contemporary informality, juxtaposing extreme comfort and quality, as happens in the central element of the collection, for example: the Allure sofa with its unusual modular design, which becomes extremely fluid to give rise to different zones. ‘Balance’ is the key word that applies not only to the finished product, but also to the entire phase of research and design, which translates into profound harmony and poise between premium creations and sustainability, quality and a focus on virtuous raw materials.

Hence the use of wood – the true protagonist of the collection – but in the variety Accoya®, the result of soft woods from sustainable sources with FSC certification, where a process of acetylation modifies the structure, making it more durable and thus perfect for outdoor use. 

The counterpart of wood is aluminium, applied above all for the feet and structures of the tables. A light, versatile and strong material, which in a perspective of sustainable production becomes precious for its infinite recyclability, and for the resulting savings in terms of energy.

The research conducted by Talenti, finally, takes the form of a new talking point for the brand: a new 100% green fabric which is applicable to some catalog collections, entirely Made in Italy, in total respect for the philosophy of circular design. A material created by recycling PET bottles, with workmanship that offers remarkable savings of energy and water, and a sizeable reduction of carbon emissions. Innovation, style and craftsmanship meet in the offerings of Talenti, products that go beyond the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, with the aim of developing exciting design that pays close attention to the wellbeing of the individual.