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The elegant line that usually forms the jewelry of Helena Rohner becomes the leitmotif of the UDA tables by Ondarreta

UDA by Ondarreta, Design Helena Rohner & Nadia Arratibel
UDA by Ondarreta, Design Helena Rohner & Nadia Arratibel

Sinuous, elegant and colorful lines, which the jewelry designer Helena Rohner utilizes as a metal structure to support the UDA tables, in collaboration with product manager Nadia Arratibel of Ondarreta. Apart from this distinctive sign, the product takes on value thanks to a selection of innovative and ecological finishes.

For example, the options for the top include the new 100% recycled PET%, a material made with polymers and recycled materials to give a second life to disposable items like plastic bottle caps. Every table surface is unique and different from the others, since it is impossible to reach total homogeneity of the materials obtained from recycled refuse.

This particular trait becomes a virtue. The matte texture of the table has stainproofing and waterproofing properties, making the product ideal for outdoor use.