Nami by Kreoo
Nami by Kreoo

Inspired by Michelangelo, who sculpted his masterpieces in stone, Enzo Berti references the veil of the Pietà to create the Nami washstand by Kreoo. The external oval form seems to be covered by soft folded fabric, creating an effect of chiaroscuro and varying depth. To make this masterpiece a complex prototyping process had to be developed: draped velvet was utilized, placed on an oval bowl, then scanned in 3D and transformed into a digital image.

The results were then reproduced, shaping waves in the material thanks to an advanced industrial process, followed by finishing done by hand with a chisel. The manual treatment makes it possible to enhance the nuances of the marble with the texture of precious fabric, making each washstand one of a kind. Five types of marble are available: Bianco Carrara, Bianco del Re, Calacatta Carrara, Crema Marfil and Grigio St. Marie.

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