Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai, India
Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai, India

The expressive power that Sicis has given to the largest convention center in India is clear proof of the Ravenna-based company’s exceptional abilities of design and workmanship, leading to remarkable achievements around the world. The choice of the mosaics Sicis has installed for the Jio World Convention Centre of Mumbai represents a tribute to Indian history and culture, sending a strong, clear message to the design community: over 8000 kilometers of distance can be bridged by a company – Sicis, of course – that makes workmanship and the capacity to be a perfect project partner into primary virtues. The firm is capable of exporting its creations to the far corners of the globe, also thanks to precise logistical organization, which offers reassurance to investors: because transporting hundreds of meters of mosaic tile is not exactly the same as shipping a chair. 

The Jio World complex designed by the Australian studio TVS has an international image, but thanks to the mosaics by Sicis it also offers a mystical experience that brings the world of work closer to a spiritual dimension.

In every corner, inside or outside, Sicis has turned in a brilliant performance: from the Fountain of Joy featuring the Iridium and Colibrì collections, to the Grand Theatre seating 2000 people, with a custom mosaic pattern, by way of the Art House, an exhibition space of 1500 sqm, where Sicis has created a decorative area made with mosaics from the OrienTale collection. 

All this has been made possible also – or above all – by the support of the investor: the Indian philanthropist Nita Mukesh Ambani has indicated the obligatory conditions of the project, stating that business has to bring life to India, and also has to be virtuous from an environmental standpoint. In fact, the Jio complex has obtained LEED Platinum certification.

The Jio World Convention Centre of Mumbai is a voyage through the excellence and quality workmanship of Sicis, in a project that represents a true embassy of Sicis in India.