RGB rugs

The exhibition RGB by Carnovsky features limited carpet editions created by this design duo for Artep, unveiled in “a new light”

RGB by Carnovsky - Photo © Alvise Vivenza
RGB by Carnovsky - Photo © Alvise Vivenza

The rug reveals all of its artistic – as well as decorative – appeal. It becomes an installation to admire and contemplate in its continuing metamorphosis, transporting the observer into an almost fantastic, surreal world. The exhibition RGB by Carnovsky leads to this outcome of research and experimentation through the use of light. 

The works on view are the limited-edition carpets designed by Carnovsky, the duo of the artists and designers Silvia Quintanilla and Francesco Rugi, for Artep, a brand with 40 years of history, and a pioneer on the market for tailor-made carpets in Italy, whose name comes precisely from the contraction of the phrase “Art in the Carpet.” The designers are well known for their creations using the RGB technique, which consists of an overlay of three images in primary colors, obtained with multilayer printing: through a colored filter (a light or a transparent material) it is possible to clearly see the layers that go into the image. The filter colors are red, green and blue, each serving to reveal one of the three layers.

The interaction between the printed colors and the light defines unexpected, disorienting images for the viewer. And this is just what happens in the exhibition featuring the creations of Artep. Bestiario, Ananasso, Vesalio, Mariposa, Animalia, Jungla are the motifs that come to life on the textile surfaces, in a sudden outburst of animals, botanical elements, symbols and skeletons.

The exhibition is on view until 22 October inside the Artep showroom in Verona (Corso Sant’Anastasia 34).