Asfahani Design Lounge: in Beirut, seven floors of creativity

In the Lebanese capital, a new space with a focus on furnishings. A glass box on a hill overlooking the city

Asfahani Design Lounge, Beirut
Asfahani Design Lounge, Beirut

An exceptional position, on the main street of the Mansourieh district in Beirut, on a hill overlooking the city. This is the site of the new Asfahani Design Lounge: seven display levels for a total of 4,000 square meters, with a peerless view.

The Design Lounge represents an innovative formula on the market in the Middle East: excellent style and comfort, functional efficiency and high-level products (in terms of stylistic research and materials) are joined by an optimal price-quality ratio, to offer solutions – as we read at the website – that are radically different from the usual offerings, reflecting the extremes of “the flood of cheap products that dominate large parts of the consumer world today and the most expensive products that cost a fortune.”

With ideal proposals for private homes, offices and contract applications, most of the furnishings of important European brands constitute separate modules that can be easily reorganized, replaced, combined or swapped to respond to any consumer needs, with the highly qualified guidance of the showroom staff.

Visitors are welcomed by an arrangement of sofas by Moroso, one of the brands chosen by Armen Asfahani; the Salon Nanà collection, in collaboration with the French-Lebanese architect Annabel Karim Kassar, is displayed in a corner of the ground floor offering a fine view of the city. The mezzanine level presents Gogan and Gentry, as well as the Diesel Living with Moroso collection. The two brands thus return to the Lebanese market in grand style. Other companies on view include Foscarini and La Chance, Vondom, 4 Mariani and Arbi.

Asfahani Design Lounge is a commercial space, but it is also a place for events, like the workshop “From fiber to product: the exciting journey of a textile,” organized by Moroso in collaboration with Kvadrat for the opening, where the city’s leading design firms came to terms with the personalization of a miniature version of the Fjord chair designed by Patricia Urquiola.