Canal Grande by Ceramiche Refin
Canal Grande by Ceramiche Refin

Canal Grande is the name of the new collection of Ceramiche Refin, an immediate reminder of the city that has inspired the design. Splendid Venice, unique in all the world for its intricate structure, balanced between land and sea, anchored to a glorious past and fortified by endless fascination. The new series by the company based in Emilia draws on all these particular features, bringing them into a domestic context and emanating precisely those sensations. 

The collection not only takes its name from the canal that divides the historical center of the city into two parts – it also reflects the key elements that set the town of this waterway. Mahogany, a wood usually used for the construction of vessels, luxury motorboats and the famous water taxis, becomes the starting point for Canal Grande, and for the research conducted by the tile designers of Refin, who thanks to collaboration with a historic Venetian shipyard have been able to sum up the particular qualities of this wood, transferring them into ceramic slabs with intense directional grain. The graphic pattern stands out for parallel but not uniform lines, creating a vibrant effect and a sense of great depth, accentuated by the glossy finish.

The result, when applied to floors or walls, is warm and enveloping, sophisticated and glamorous. Truman Capote wrote: “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go,” and the same sensation is recreated in the midst of the surfaces of Canal Grande.

Rubino, Noce and Moro are the three color variations in the collection, chosen specifically to link back to the imagery of historic boats. There are two formats, 75×150 and 25×150, and two finishes (soft and glossy). While in aesthetic terms this new development from Ceramiche Refin marks an appealing shift with respect to the creations of the past, it still shares in the sustainable approach of the company’s other product lines: like all the porcelain stoneware of Refin, it is made with natural raw materials, 100% recyclable, offering high performance and a precise focus on personal wellbeing (the material lasts in time, is hygienic, antiallergenic, antibacterial, flameproof and easy to clean).

The imagery, culture, history and spirit of Venice live on in Canal Grande, which will make its debut at Cersaie, the international ceramics fair in Bologna, inside an updated and expanded display space of Ceramiche Refin, reflecting the company’s remarkable evolution.