Wonder Book Yacht&Cruise 2022. Cross-over at heart

Crossing over means more than moving between opposites or between sea and land because it entails the need for exchange between people, knowledge, and passions

Significantly, in this Wonder Book Yacht&Cruise 2022, three of the usual twelve Wonders are bridges. Whether covered, open or hybrid, they are all paths of connection, the cross-over point between one shore and the next, with a purpose that is real and powerfully metaphorical at once.  More than just moving between opposite sides, it entails the need for exchange between people, knowledge, and passions. The careers of designers like Philippe Briand and Achille Salvagni have been shaped by their will to cross over between perspectives and design and creative realms. Here we are publishing long conversations with them, about their passion for the sea and for design. 

True to its origins, this Wonder Book offers a selection of international architectural and infrastructure projects, also giving our readers a view into passion for the sea and sea living of captains, shipowners, designers, and builders. All are aware that “land” is in an intrinsic, mirrored relationship to water, and that our “daily ecosystem” is closely tied to the marine ecosystem. 

Alessandra Bergamini - Deputy Editor of .Wonder Book
Alessandra Bergamini – Deputy Editor of .Wonder Book

It is a cross-over between two inseparable worlds, which in the nautical industry means constant innovation, performance, and functionality while developing increasingly sustainable solutions. Put simply, it’s about transformation. This transformation is becoming ever more evident in the pursuit of hybridization for the naval architecture of boats, yachts and superyachts, as well as their indoor and outdoor spaces. Once again there’s a cross-over between types and models, between construction tradition, design development, versatility, and the pursuit of the new. We will see this all at trade fairs in the coming months. 

Enjoy the read.