Flos | My Circuit

The lighting system designed by Michael Anastassiades relies on a flexible track that can be installed on any type of ceiling

My Circuit by Flos, design Michael Anastassiades - Photo © Gianluca Bellomo
My Circuit by Flos, design Michael Anastassiades - Photo © Gianluca Bellomo

Unlike traditional tracks, this patented solution by Flos can be curved and bent. Like the friezes and stuccowork that decorated the ceilings of 19th-century buildings, the installed circuit becomes architecture, developing the lighting of the space around it in a single leitmotif, conceived to act as minimal, elegant decoration in its own right.

The track has an cross-section like the number “8” that combines technical and decorative functions. The matte white rubber is a reference to the consistency of stucco. The copper conductors are placed outside the lateral recesses: the thin metal line conveys low-tension current while at the same time enhancing the track.

Lighting fixtures of different types, for direct or diffused brightness, can be attached and repositioned along the track, depending on the characteristics of the room and the functional requirements: My Circuit Disc, a slender horizontal disk crossed by a vertical stem; My Circuit Lines, a slim vertical suspension with two adjustable luminous bars; My Circuit Sphere, a suspension lamp with a spherical glass diffuser; and My Circuit Dome, available in two sizes for accent lighting. The range is completed by the My Circuit Spots, for high-performance glare-free lighting.

Photo © Gianluca Bellomo