Interpreting the style and personality of a cosmopolitan clientele, through time-tested know-how in keeping with the values of Made in Italy, MisuraEmme combines tradition with creative flair, in collaboration with important designers, offering refined tailor-made collections that are also coveted beyond our national boundaries.

The pieces are the result of careful monitoring of contemporary scenarios and their changes, but also of a production approach driven by respect for the environment, with an investment of resources that has brought the company many certifications, including that of the Associazione Verniciatori Italiani, with the prestigious trademark Aquaver®.

Eros by MisuraEmme, Design Massimo Dei

The very new Eros, Virgin and Stiletto series reflect all this. The products are unique for their balanced and comfortable proportions, elegant aesthetic language made of material details, striking lines and original finishes, which converge to create glamorous, seductive atmospheres.

Designed by Massimo Dei, the Eros bedroom grouping includes a dresser and a bedside unit, in a sophisticated dialogue between different materials. The bronze-coated metal structure, with its particular oval form, is recessed to welcome the marble top and the black stained oak storage compartment, which thus seems to be suspended between the top and the floor, for a light, ethereal image.

The Virgin seating system created by Mauro Lipparini narrates the company’s sartorial attitude through formal contrasts that reinterpret the soft lines of the 1950s. Sofas, chairs with or without armrests, all convey a very precise graphic sign provided by the architectural but rounded profiles, in contrast with the slim, rigorous metal front feet.

Virgin by MisuraEmme, Design Mauro Lipparini
Virgin by MisuraEmme, Design Mauro Lipparini
Stiletto by MisuraEmme, Design Andrei Munteanu

For coordination, but also in an original game of opposites, the Stiletto family of tables and consoles has a slender structure, seeming almost to spring from the floor with its resolute identity, defined by clean geometric lines where marble, metal and wood alternate in offerings with different heights, in a range of sizes for the tops.