HOOK: faucets for a thousand uses

A reminder of the plumbing of the past, HOOK by Ceadesign is not just a system of faucets, but can also perform various functions thanks to its eclectic approach

The modular supports make HOOK flexible and versatile. The faucet system designed by Parisotto + Formenton and Natalino Malasorti for Ceadesign is made in stainless steel; since it also provides tubing, the faucet can be used for all kinds of practical needs: from gardening to washing pets, sports equipment to kitchens, or also as an outdoor shower. Created for outdoor applications, it is also ideal for indoor zones like the kitchen and the bathroom, transforming into a towel rack accessory. The soft, ergonomic handle offers a good grip, pleasant to the touch.

HOOK by Ceadesign, Design Parisotto + Formenton & Natalino Malasorti