Valter Scavolini. Life as a grand enterprise

Scavolini celebrates 60 years of history with a biography of its president and founder. A story that is inevitably connected with the social evolution of our country

Valter Scavolini - Photo © Livio Fantozzi
Valter Scavolini - Photo © Livio Fantozzi

The story narrated by Luca Masia is captivating in every section of the book published by Mondadori Electa. Valter Scavolini. La vita come grande impresa is based on many hours of conversation between the author and the protagonist, visits to the places where it all began, interviews with family members who now have the responsibility of moving forward with a company firmly helmed for so many years. The volume might be said to be crafted, to tell an equally handmade story, constructed with know-how and ingenuity.

An entirely Italian success story, that of Scavolini, thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of the founder, his instinct that was able to foresee changes in the market and in consumers, while investing in research, quality and international growth.

A story filled with humanity and hard work, from the early years when Valter Scavolini was a very young farmer, with close ties to the land. He took his first steps as a worker inside the facilities of a local producer of lacquered furniture for kitchens, after which he decided to start his own business, in 1961, together with his inseparable brother Elvino.

Scavolini, Headquarter Montelabbate - Photo © Gabriele Basilico
Scavolini, Headquarter Montelabbate – Photo © Gabriele Basilico

One phase of success led to another, with farsighted thinking, efficient and rational action, and few words. The first winning idea was to produce kitchens in curved wood, as one of the first to do so in this sector. Later came the decision to concentrate on design, assembly and service, outsourcing all the other processes. The evolution continued with the distribution of expertise, inside and outside the firm, permitting more flexible production and much faster growth.

In the 1980s, Scavolini had the idea of producing advertising with a very popular celebrity, Raffaella Carrà, followed some years later by Lorella Cuccarini. This leap forward of visibility made the company a symbol of Italian style, “the one Italians love best,” as the slogan proclaimed.

Over the years, Scavolini has worked with internationally acclaimed design studios – the book, in fact, contains an interesting preface by Giorgetto Giugiaro – in parallel with the in-house creative division Vuesse, becoming a model of reference not just for the kitchen sector, but also for the entire domestic environment.

Valter Scavolini never interrupted the very strong ties with the territory, that of Pesaro and the Marches, leading to his appointment as a “Cavaliere del Lavoro.” This bond has enabled him to operate in the territory with great ability and intelligence, including sponsorship of local sports teams. Even today, at the age of 79, he personally tends three gardens, one of which is located precisely on top of the company’s headquarters.