When colors inspire collective cooperation

In the current color trends a specific palette is focused on the creation of new social systems

The voyage continues with the last Story, Ubuntu, a term that has been borrowed for its efficacy from the Zulu language: it means “I am because we are” or “Humanity towards others.” This trend, in fact, puts the accent on collective cooperation. The interdependency of today’s society calls for new methods that rely on collective awareness to continue to evolve and to build new social systems. For instance? Swarm Intelligence, based on algorithms biologically driven by nature replicated by robots, or Blockchain as a vehicle of trust and transparency.

Dark, contrasting colors, suggesting the earth and Africa, emerge from this Story: a dark metallic violet tone symbolizes collective minds that interact; we can see a return to brown tones with points of red having light metallic and translucent effects; the dark green (with a pinch of yellow) suggests nature and the idea of safeguarding the human race; there has to be an amber tone, the color of honey and beehives, a direct reference to bees; finally, a bright red concealing tiny internal glitter: the tone of alarm indicates the complexity of today’s problems.

Londonart | The Daydreamer (on cover)
The new wallpaper collection created by GIOPAGANI for Londonart is a reinterpretation of distinctive signs in an eclectic and imaginative stylistic language. Pop accents, cinematographic representations, Japanese and geometric motifs from the 70s alternate in a sophisticated aesthetic journey. The capsule collection features an extensive experimentation in the use of color.

Bellhop by Flos, Design Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby - Photo © Federico Torra
Bellhop by Flos, Design Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby – Photo © Federico Torra
Audrey Motion by Gallotti&Radice, Desgin Massimo Castagna
Audrey Motion by Gallotti&Radice, Desgin Massimo Castagna

Flos | Bellhop
Bellhop Floor is the new floor lamp designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby to enrich the Bellhop family. The archetypal elements remain similar to the existing collection, but the Bellhop Floor has a more sculptural character: it features a stable concrete base with a finish that is pleasant to the touch, an aluminum body (available in different colors) and an opal glass diffuser.

Gallotti&Radice | Audrey Motion
Based on a virtually infinite line, Audrey Motion is the evolution of one of the company’s bestsellers, now revised by Massimo Castagna to accentuate its sinuous, ‘moving’ shape. A modular structure created for different configurations offers the possibility of larger measurements and more or less wide curvatures.

Cloudscape Sofa by Diesel Living with Moroso - Photo © Alessandro Paderni
Cloudscape Sofa by Diesel Living with Moroso – Photo © Alessandro Paderni

Diesel Living with Moroso | Cloudscape Sofa
The Cloudscape system features outsize shapes and large cushions for the maximum comfort. In addition to the traditional two-seater, three-seater and modular versions, Cloudscape is also available in a one-seater version, an extra-large armchair. The back and the side of the elements are the same height, and both come with optional movement functions to adjust their positioning.

Palme, JV453 Igusa collection by Jannelli&Volpi
Palme, JV453 Igusa collection by Jannelli&Volpi
La Vie en Rose, Di Varia Natura collection by Rubelli
La Vie en Rose, Di Varia Natura collection by Rubelli

Jannelli&Volpi | JV453 Igusa
With JV453 Igusa, a collection of wallcoverings is born, made only with natural reeds woven on a loom (traditionally used for the making of Japanese tatami mats). Thanks to the game of weaves and chromatic contrasts, the product brings a warm, natural look to spaces, while spreading the scent of freshly cut grass.

Rubelli | Di Varia Natura
Fabrics very different from one another, but all with vivid character, are found in the new Di Varia Natura collection, which brings together eco-sustainables with new bio-sourced fibers, geometric patterns for indoor-outdoor use, silks and damasks, all the way to cotton prints, like the La Vie en Rose model seen in the photo: energizing colors for strong visual impact.

Mini Coupé by Oluce, Design Joe Colombo
Mini Coupé by Oluce, Design Joe Colombo

Oluce | Mini Coupé
The brand is expanding the Coupé family with the introduction of Mini Coupé: at 34 cm in height and in brand new colours (black, anodic bronze, scarlet red, mustard yellow), the Mini Coupé wittily maintains all the vigour common to Joe Colombo’s designs of the 60s.

Dooor - Photo © Carola Merello
Dooor – Photo © Carola Merello

To expand, border or screen interiors: multiple functions performed by a single tool. The textile door collection of the young brand Dooor conserves the functional specificity of this architectural element, while expanding its aesthetic range. Various models are available: with lateral, bilateral, central, off-center or multiple opening. (Interior design project: Arch. Andrea Rubini)

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