Flou Collection 2021. Emotions in colors

Color is the protagonist of the textile spirit of Flou, drawing on the infinite impressions of the natural world to fill domestic spaces with positive sensations and new aesthetic experiences, in a context of openness to the outside world.
The range of new materials, finishes and fabrics of the Flou collection for 2021 is organized around six worlds of color, where hues, forms and materials trigger specific stimuli, visual sensations and sensorial interactions that have an impact on wellbeing.

A chromatic pathway of textures, tones and shadings, a symbolic and expressive universe that relies on the incredible variety of living, mutable things: Oasi, for the endless range of greens, vitality, rebirth, renewal; Ametista, from softest lilac to bright violet, putting no limits in imagination and sensitivity; Oceano, for the universe of blues, colors that connect the sky and the depths of the sea, balance and wisdom; Magma for the reds, the palette of an autumn forest, warmth, the force of fire and passion; 

Icon sofa by Carlo Colombo, Oasi inspiration

Nathalie bed by Vico Magistretti, Oceano inspiration

Quarzo, for the neutral, discreet colors of the earth, from ecru to rosy beige, all the way to the browns, which represent harmony and elegance governing all things; Artico, for non-colors like white, black and grays, often the most popular thanks to their infinite potential.

These worlds of well-defined hues are the context for the two new finishes Magma and Oceano, which join the classic matte burnished, oxide, black, greige and white versions for complements, cabinets and accessories.

The textile collection focuses on the natural quality of fibers and their sourcing, favoring materials like linen and cotton from controlled supply chains.

Vermont textile

Clark & Fred textiles

Zelda textile

The reference to nature is vivid, for example, in the Vermont fabric, whose jacquard wave references the rings that narrate the age and experience of trees, or in the weave of Zelda, with its immediate reminder of tree bark. The fabrics are often full-bodied and irregular, like Marvin with its intentionally imperfect appearance, reflecting the imperfections of the earth. Others are enhanced by chenille and bouclé techniques, to suggest the soft games of colors of the clouds, the velvety effect of moss, as in the Fred fabric. Then comes the porous allure of Eva, or the game of chenille ribbons of Clark, representing the rugged contours of stone.

New moods, new products

In the living area, the wide range of greens is applied to the Icon modular sofa by Carlo Colombo, the decorative cushions and the armchair, which together with the ottoman covered in Nabuk is part of the Pierre series designed by Studio Contromano.

Bright violet makes an appearance in the MyPlace double bed by Emanuela Garbin, the chaise longue of the Icon component system, the Softbench by Massimo Castagna and – in the living area – the Binario sofa by Pinuccio Borgonovo, flanked by the Pierre collection created. All the complements shift towards lilac: from the coordinated bedding to the decorative cushions.

Pierre armchair by Studio Contromano

MyPlace bed by Emanuela Garbin

Doze sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni

The iconic Nathalie double bed by Vico Magistretti and its textile coordinates are delicately steeped in shades of blue, as the finishes of the bedside units and the chest of drawers of the Juta series designed by Pinuccio Borgonovo, and the doors of the Guardaroba 16.32 Private wardrobe by Emanuela Garbin.

The exploration of white starts with the Tadao bed by Vico Magistretti and continues with the gray variants of the Doze components designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Black finishes and details are utilized for the metal table and the chair with fabric seat and leather back of the Pierre series designed by Studio Contromano.

The Magma finish contaminates the Foglio one-drawer bedside unit by Pinuccio Borgonovo and the Servomuto garment chairs designed by Luigi Lanzi with the warmth and energy of red tones. In the living area, the new variant is applied to the aluminium structure of the CCLight bookcases for Natevo (a Flou brand) designed by Carlo Colombo.

Foglio by Pinuccio Borgonovo

CCLight bookcase by Carlo Colombo

Koi bed by Carlo Colombo, Iko chairs by Rodolfo Dordoni

From shades of ecru to rosy beiges, all the way to deep browns: the harmony and elegance of welcoming, sophisticated lines. Like those of the Koi bed by Carlo Colombo, the New Bond bench by Matteo Nunziati, the Iko chairs designed by Rodolfo Dordoni and the Olivier modular sofa by Emanuela Garbin and Mario Dell’Orto.