Microoffice: immersion in peace and quiet

The Czech company SilentLab specializes in the creation of acoustic panels that are also used for Microoffices, office islands to position in workspaces or inside homes

The Microoffices produced by SilentLab are cabins of various sizes, with particular features, all sharing the advantage of offering a place in which it is possible to work, concentrating in a situation of absolute tranquility.

Among the various models, Microoffice Prime provides space for important phone calls, or to carry out tasks that require intense concentration. With its minimalist design, it has two glass walls to bring correct lighting inside, and two insulating panels, with internal ventilation and high levels of acoustic comfort.

SilentLab, Microofice Prime
SilentLab, Microofice Prime

A large space for small meetings is offered by Microoffice Quadrio, an office made to measure that can welcome up to four persons and be equipped with comfortable seating and a multiuse table, along with electrical sockets, as well as USB and LAN connections.