Silenzio, let’s work

In the Sedus Smart Office in Dogern, Luceplan suspensions by Monica Armani enhance the quality of (team)work and the acoustic comfort of well-lit spaces

Sedus Smart Office, Dogern
Sedus Smart Office, Dogern

The headquarters at Dogern of the German brand Sedus, designed by Moser Architects, has opened the Sedus Smart Office, a new workplace model that facilitates interdisciplinary teamwork thanks to a particular arrangement of spaces and specific lighting solutions that establish a dialogue with the architecture.

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Luceplan has been selected as the technical lighting partner: the Silenzio suspension lamps by Monica Armani are made with a series of acoustic materials bonded with a high-end external fabric, forming an object of sophisticated yet simple design with excellent sound absorbing properties.

Sedus Smart Office, Dogern

The sturdy metal structure supports an elegant cylinder in fabric with a grisaille-effect texture, for which Monica Armani has chosen 22 colors in tones of gray, orange, green, blue, beige and lilac. The particular internal rounded shapes softly mix the light while breaking up sound waves, creating an intimate, comfortable setting.