Villa Bianca, Sozopol, Bulgaria
Villa Bianca, Sozopol, Bulgaria

Architecture & Interior design: Simple Architecture
Furnishings: Living divani, Moroso, Lapalma, B&B Italia, Knoll, Poliform, Porro, Zanotta, Cappellini, Vitra, Driade, Kristalia
Lighting: Flos, Viabizzuno, Artemide, Nemo, Vibia
Floor/Walls: Ideal Work
Photo credits: Assen Emilov

There are no compromises in the private dwelling overlooking the Black Sea on the Bulgarian coast, not far from the city of Sozopol. Designed by the studio Simple Architecture, the house responds to the client’s wish to achieve a true architectural metamorphosis. This implied transforming an existing construction, based on the imitation of local styles in a minimalist, contemporary work of architecture. While at the same time improving the spatial organization of the interiors, through expansion and optimization.

The light, ethereal atmosphere generated by absolute white, selecting as a pervasive non-color, leads to a state of peaceful suspension, enhancing the beauty of the landscape outside. Inside the effect is calming, but it also projects outward, thanks to smooth vertical and horizontal textures of continuous joint-free surfaces by Ideal Work.

This becomes the backdrop, ton sur ton, for the finishes and furnishings of excellent design brands, including Poliform, B&B Italia, Flos, Moroso, Vitra, Artemide… A dreamy dimension where the only chromatic touches are the surrounding landscape and the works of art (the owner is an avid art collector).

In the house organized on three levels, the architects have concentrated convivial areas in a single large shared space, which includes a living zone, a kitchen and a dining room. They have then created four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two service bathrooms, as well as landings and services. Also in the open air, the extremely clean forms of the various relaxation zones brings the proper attention to the true protagonist: the powerful surrounding natural setting.