From a dual standpoint

Venini’s art of glassblowing, and the design milestones of Cassina, icons of Made in Italy with almost 200 years of combined history, joined by the prize-winning British designer in a project that speaks the language of decor.

Colourdisc – the name Wood has chosen for the collection – relies on Venini’s glassblowing expertise, in yet another performance of refined precision, combining the final result with a brass casting recognizable only to the touch, because visually it resembles perfect, delicate porcelain. The disks and diamonds in colored glass mounted around the brass volume represent a constellation that plays with the surface of the vase when it encounters light.

2_CASSINA_Colourdisc_Bethan Laura Wood_Venini_amber
3_CASSINA_Colourdisc_Bethan Laura Wood_Venini_blue orizzonte
4_CASSINA_Colourdisc_Bethan Laura Wood_Venini_amber_vase
5_CASSINA_Colourdisc_Bethan Laura Wood_Venini_blue orizzonte_vase
6_CASSINA_Colourdisc_Bethan Laura Wood_Venini_amber_bowl
7_CASSINA_Colourdisc_Bethan Laura Wood_Venini_blue orizzonte_bowl
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The two brands, Venini and Cassina, join and multiply forces in a project that blends harmoniously into the Cassina Perspective, while for Venini it becomes the natural continuation of a path between tradition and innovation. Each in its own abode, and simultaneously hosted by its counterpart.
From a dual standpoint.