Scavolini is on the air with #latuacasatiama

A new intimate, emotional spot to narrate how our way of experiencing the home has changed in the time of Covid-19

“Everything was stopping, and you had to stop too. You discovered that sharing is great, but cohabitation is tiresome. That we can be distant even when we’re close, and close without even touching.” This is the start of the new spot by Scavolini to narrate how our way of experiencing the home and interacting with its spaces has changed in the time of Covid-19.
The dwelling becomes everything, the sole place where you can and must stay, during two months of lockdown. A limitation that soon turns out to be an enhancement: the Italians have rediscovered the slow pace of sharing with the family, cultivating old and new passions, such as cooking and painting, spending more time together in a mixture of contrasting emotions, because sometimes you can fight if you are too close, and you can feel sorry when there is too much distance.

The story features a couple with a newborn child, a family with more grown-up children, and a young single woman, all with their own thoughts and emotions, of joy and pain, in everyday experience. The narrative then shifts towards the future and the return to normal, a new normal that nevertheless reminds us of the importance of the home, a nest of protection and safety, the place in which we discover that “the greatest pleasures are often the simplest ones,” as the video concludes. Aware of the fact that “when you reopen that door and go outside again, you will understand that the world out there cannot exist without your home… inside.”

Scavolini, #latuacasatiama

A clip that reflects the present situation and narrates moods shared by all: “At the center of our way of doing things there have always been people and their wellbeing,” says Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini. “We still don’t know where this moment will lead us and how our society will be transformed, but this time has undoubtedly made us understand the importance of the home, which has protected us and offered us security. And in the home, the obligatory cohabitation of this period has taught us how to be close in ways and times to which we were not accustomed, revealing fragilities and resources, but also our incredible resilience and force as we combat this new condition and find a way to get beyond the crisis. In the future it will be necessary to examine the design of residential contexts from a new perspective.”

The ad, with the soundtrack of “Non abbiamo bisogno di parole” by Ron, was made in compliance with measures of social distancing by three directors, Andrea Vavassori, Fabio Giagnoni and Valerio Musilli, who filmed everyday life in their own homes and carried out the shooting, editing and post-production in remote working mode. The ad campaign is now on the air on the main channels, including RAI, Mediaset, Sky and LA7, supported by a parallel initiative on the social networks.