Jumbo Group: #OurDreamNeverStops

The luxury group sees beauty and the Italian cultural and artistic heritage as the motor to get things started, and to continue to dream

The beauty of Sofia Loren, the creations and glassworks of Murano, Capodimonte pottery, Botticelli’s Venus, the Pantheon, master chef Gualtiero Marchesi and his most famous recipe, saffron risotto with gold leaf. Jumbo Group, specializing in luxury furniture, sees the roots of Italian identity as the values from which to start over, the motor that will drive us to a profound change. The idea is summed up in the hashtag #OurDreamNeverStops. The result is a Manifesto, a narrative of images where the collections of the five brands of the group (Jumbo Collection, Roberto Cavalli Home, Gianfranco Ferré Home, ETRO Home Interiors and JCP Universe) establish a dialogue with Italian artistic heritage from all eras, with cultural references from cinema to food.

The Manifesto by Jumbo Group

A project that can be seen on all of the company’s social network channels, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat and Weibo. “We believe this moment of difficulty can lead to a change for the better,” says creative director Livio Ballabio. “Certain values we have somehow lost in the frenzy of consumption and fashion will return to have their proper importance, leading us to adopt a more profound attitude, focused on quality and beauty, with a long-term perspective. Starting with these considerations, we continue to believe in our dream. Beauty, the primary ingredient of Jumbo Group’s vision, is in our past, our present and our future. As a company, in this phase our objective is to continue to pursue our dream of a tomorrow where beauty continues to be the protagonist, in a different form.”