IGuzzini lights Primark in Birmingham

The lighting brand Made in Italy has been selected for the largest store in the world of the Irish low-cost apparel chain

With five levels and 15,000 square meters it is the biggest store in the world of Primark, the Irish low-cost apparel chain. The mega-store was recently opened in Birmingham, England, the second most populous city in the UK after London.

Primark Birmingham, illuminazione iGuzzini
Primark Birmingham, iGuzzini, ©CL9

A retail facility with restaurants, hairdressers, a barbershop and personal care outlets. The building, near the historical center, features lighting by iGuzzini, designed by the English firm LAPD, relaxing and adaptable to different levels and functions, with a color temperature generally around 3000 degrees Kelvin.

Primarket, illuminazione iGuzzini
Primarket, iGuzzini, ©CL9

Different products have been used for the various corners and activities: the Front Light spotlights for the cash desks, the work tables in the beauty salon, the apparel and lounge zones, at times joined by the iN60 linear suspension lamps, for high lighting performance.

Area comune Primarket, illuminazione iGuzzini
Primark Birmingham, iGuzzini, ©CL9

On the escalators, and to underline the various levels of the building, the Underscore LEDstrips are matched with Cup units for certain areas, such as the one facing the MillsxPrimark barbershop. Outside, in the nighttime a touch of blue is added by Linealuce, to gradually reveal the Primark sign with a bit of magic.

Salone di bellezza, illuminazione iGuzzini
Beauty Salon, ©CL9