The duo Kueng Caputo pays homage to Fendi

During Design Miami 2019, the creative duo presents Roman Molds, ten objects in leather and glazed ceramic to embody the roots of the Roman maison

A sinuous tête-à-tête bench in tones of green and blue, undulating stools in vivid hues combined with more delicate pastels, a table with a pink outer surface that surprisingly reveals an orange arched base. But also low tables, separés and an ironic micro-architecture in the form of a palm tree.

Fendi, Design Miami 2019,_Roman Molds by Kueng Caputo
Fendi, Design Miami 2019, Roman Molds by Kueng Caputo

Roman Molds is the family of ten hyper-colored experimental pieces created by the duo Kueng Caputo for Fendi at Design Miami 2019. Furnishings and objects that take their cue from the world of the fashion house and its headquarters, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome, a monumental building from the Fascist era with a square plan – also known as the square Colosseum – with an inimitable external colonnade in travertine.

The designers based in Zurich pay tribute to the mastery of Fendi, its fine craftsmanship, but also its experimental, innovative approach to fashion. The artists have opened the archives to find inspiration in the dense, full colors of the brand, like the famous Fendi yellow, but also in the methods of fur production from the 1950s, combining different coverings, like fur with grosgrain ribbons and velvet for the lighter items.

Likewise, the duo of Lovis Caputo (1982) and Sarah Kueng (1981) combines different materials, such as the refined Selleria Fendi leather with typical construction elements like terracotta tiles made with special custom glazes. The results are blocks of color, collectible furnishings that suggest the arches of the Palazzo, bricks and arched parts in leather and glazed ceramic that can exist on their own or be combined and repeated to form a room, a place for socializing with an accent on creativity and Made in Italy.