Art and Design for Yacht Interiors

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2019, Zanaboni takes part in an exhibition curated by Tullia and Paolo Canciani, on view until 28 September

Art and design for yacht interiors: the new Contemporary Luxury. This is the name of the exhibition held from 25 to 28 September, organized by Le Comité National Monégasque de l’Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques auprès de l’UNESCO, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Monaco. The show on the first floor of Comité National Monégasque AIAP is curated by interior designers Tullia and Paolo Canciani, who have decided to use products created by Zanaboni.

The opening was on Wednesday 25 September, with the presence of the Italian ambassador Cristiano Gallo. The initiative is part of the program of the Monaco Yacht Show 2019, an event that this year puts the spotlight on as many as 125 superyachts, in the capital of Monaco.

Living Zanaboni_Edizioni
Living Zanaboni_Edizioni

Art and Design for Yacht Interiors offers an intriguing overview of interior design, halfway between decor and museum display, cultural research and artistic expression.
The furnishings of Zanaboni_Edizioni also play a part, “the brand recently founded due to the need to reinterpret and bring together classic and modern, with an innovative approach in keeping with new ethical codes, without overlooking history and memory,” says the company’s CEO Massimo Zanaboni.

Chaise lounge Enjoy, Zanaboni_Edizioni

Various artists have been invited to illustrate new trends in yacht design through art, including the illustrator Christian Bonavia, the painters Jean-François Gaulthier, Betty Graffiti, Bolonie Shuhaibar and the international artist Sven Vandenbosch.