Dressing is a cultural factor that ranges from necessity to form, by way of habits and religions, all the way to aesthetics and the latest trends in materials and colors. A concept expressed in a revolutionary way by Li Xiang of the studio X+Living for a space in Hangzhou, China, inside the Tmall, where JOOOS Fitting Room selects and displays four collections for women representing the top 1000 fashion brands, with the aim of filling a gap caused by online purchasing.

Li Xiang immediately takes his cue from digital communication, placing a luminous interactive screen at the entrance to the store on the ground floor, as if to emphasize the appeal of a real shopping experience in the age of the Internet, stimulating a concrete relationship with apparel made by human hands. This philosophy continues inside, in an area of 1800 square meters, featuring 4 theme zones expressed in different ways, but sharing make-up areas and selfie points, for fun while waiting one’s turn in the fitting rooms.

A wide arcade leads to the Mori Girls Area, a luminous zone of vivid character where rugged milk-white walls and white floors create a clean, minimalist space, amplified by the use of natural materials like bamboo, with ‘ground-to-sky’ reeds crossing the space, as well as hemp ropes.

The floors and walls are in gray polished concrete, on the other hand, for the OL Collection Area, featuring structures in black metal that alternate with blocks in very pale wood for the display of garments and accessories, where a framework of ceiling lights contributes to make the whole space seem intimate and rather private.

Everything changes in the Celebrity Collection Area: here pink metal cages split the spaces and ‘imprison’ delicate pastel garments; sinuous forms border the zones in a seamless way, and raised by a few steps the fitting rooms are quite visible behind sumptuous shiny curtains that close inside arched openings.

Finally, an explosion of color: the Fashionable Girl Collection area stands out for the contrast of large blocks of different hues on which shelves are formed by diagonal metal bars that also become dividers. A space in vivid colors to underline the personality of the apparel and the individuality of each piece. The mixture created by Li Xiang for JOOOS Fitting Room combines social and cultural connotations, passing through multiple possibilities of visualization to create a new shopping experience.

Photo by © Shao Feng