Prototypes and experiments in London

From 18 July to 26 August, Aram Gallery presents Prototypes & Experiments XI, an exhibition that investigates the creative and productive processes of international designers and artists

Aram Gallery in London is an international attraction for those bent on discovering new trends and emerging talents. The space at 110 Drury Lane, starting on 18 July until 26 August, presents the 11th iteration of Prototypes and Experiments, an exhibition in which international creative talents narrate their processes, experiments and tools.
The show looks into the most handmade aspects of creativity, asking designers to illustrate their way of working, testing, making models, prototypes, simulations, experiments.

Process models by Threefold Architects, Prototypes and Experiments © Adam Scott
Process models by Threefold Architects, Prototypes and Experiments

Among the participants, Ruohong Wu, a Chinese artist, shows fabrics made by starting with production scrap from Dutch textile manufacturers. Malgorzata Bany, a designer based in London, brings her Jade collection, inspired by Florentine architecture, small models in jesmonite and prototypes that play with questions of scale. From Mexico, but with a studio in London, Liliana Ovalle shows the project En Concreto, concrete objects that seem like miniature works of architecture, made with 3D printing in different patterns. Marie Bach Holm, a Danish designer interested in materials, focuses on the consumption of plastic and possible sustainable alternatives, like the recycled plastic obtained from refuse gathered on the banks of the Thames and inside homes.

Aram Gallery © Adam Scott
Aram Gallery © Adam Scott

The event also includes works by Acme, Ariane Prin, Charles Holland Architects, Dan Schofield, Dean Brown, Granby Workshop, James Shaw, Jochen Holz, Lola Lely, Natchar Sawatdichai, Robin Grasby, Studio Mutt and Threefold Architects.

Aram Gallery © Adam Scott
Aram Gallery © Adam Scott

The Aram Gallery
110 Drury Lane
Covent Garden

Prototypes & Experiments XI
18 July – 26 August 2019