Design direction: Naomi Thellier De Poncheville (TSH)
Interior design Communal spaces: Masquespacio
Rooms interior design: Naomi Thellier De Poncheville (TSH)
Main Contractor: Construcia
Furnishings: Sancal, MIDI BCN, Ames, Galvanitas, Modus
Custom furniture suppliers: Construcia with local suppliers and manufacturers
Lighting: Onok Lighting, Toss B
Artist illustrator: Jose Miguel Mendez
Photo credits: Luis Beltran

A triumph of colour in an eclectic combination of materials and textures. The interiors at Barcelona’s Campus Marina, one of the spaces owned by the Dutch The Student Hotel group, act as a prelude to the dazzling ambiences designed by Masquespacio, a creative consultancy based in Valencia. The Student Hotel destinations draw inspiration from student accommodation, although in some cases they are also open to travelling businesspeople and tourists. The concept is to provide stimulating, hybrids spaces in which to live, have fun and co-work. What’s more, these meeting areas have generated a veritable inclusive community.

Campus Marina, situated in the district of Sant Martí, close to Barcelona’s city centre and beaches, is the result of a project by The Student Hotel and a local firm to renovate an existing structure. The building, which comprises 21,000 m2 across four towers, offers 500 bedrooms as well as common spaces such as swimming pools with solarium, play areas, quiet study areas, and both indoor and outdoor lounges for a relaxing chat.

The interior design – Masquespacio’s most challenging project yet – takes into consideration both the international nature of the students hosted and the brand’s strong vocation for hospitality. The result is an original and harmonious blend of styles, consistent with the Dutch group’s image, which is given a Mediterranean allure by the use of local materials and a vivid colour palette. According to Ana Milena Hernández Palacioz, Creative Director at Masquespacio, “colour not only influences people’s mood, it also helps to create a bold design and give character to a room”.

The project makes clear reference to Memphis design with touches of 1970s vintage, resulting in an amazing burst of energy. Rooms with an industrial flavour, featuring open pipes and concrete pillars and floors, combine with a playfully engaging and stimulating setting made up of black and white graphic designs and neon inscriptions. Masquespacio has also collaborated on the project for a second The Student Hotel in Barcelona – Campus Poble Sec – situated in the city’s cultural and artistic district. This destination brings the ‘hybrid hospitality’ brand one step closer to founder Charlie MacGregor’s objective of opening 41 facilities across Europe by 2021.