Think pink

The 'pink' side of design is the recurring theme of IFDM's new issue, dedicated to UK and US markets. Women's voices from different sectors and countries that symbolize a new design approach

A parade for the female universe! Sasha Bikoff, Vanessa Brady, Gulla Jónsdóttir, Carola Bestetti, Nargis Kassamali, Michelle Fan… The pages of this issue are full of fascinating faces and even more authoritative voices of the ‘pink’ side of design. Each with her own special expertise, her own individuality, these women bring a different, rather unconventional view of the industry: they narrate creativity without limits, interior design made of emotions and impressions, market challenges confronted with fearless determination, courageous and enterprising corporate growth.

These are the interior designers, architects, managers and entrepreneurs who are taking over the international design stage (from Milan to London, the two coasts of the States to Hong Kong), with rare discretion combined with efficient energy. Typically feminine.
These women roam through the pages of this issue, programmatically created to be a ‘pink special’ but also on the trail of new trends, valid opinions that offer an ‘other’ vision, new stories to bring to the fore. We came across them almost by chance, voices that have intersected and intertwined in a harmonious choir. Probably chance hasn’t much to do with it: the ‘feminine’ side of the sector has always been there, but now more than ever it is important and decisive to bring new energy to the industry, to generate change, and to see things (to use a term we cherish) in Perspective.