The extraordinary grace of Nightbloom

Lladrò presents a collection of lighting elements created in collaboration with Marcel Wanders at Euroluce

“Working with Lladró allowed us to integrate its unmistakable artisan processes with our objective of incorporating the past in the modern, thus creating something exquisite and beautiful for the home.”
It was with these words that Marcel Wanders introduced Nightbloom and described his collaboration with Lladrò, a Spanish brand specialised in the creation of lighting elements.

In conjunction with Euroluce, the partnership between Lladrò and the Dutch studio gave birth to Nightbloom, the collection of white porcelain lamps inspired by the delicate dance of a flower’s petals in the wind. Sculpted by hand with a sense of natural fluidity, each element of one of these lamp-bouquets is a skilfully crafted artisan masterpiece.

Lladro Nightbloom Floor Lamp by Marcel Wanders
Lladro Nightbloom Floor Lamp by Marcel Wanders

The Nightbloom collection includes a suspension lamp, a floor lamp, a desk lamp, and a wall lamp, all characterised by details in three-dimensional relief.
The lamps are inspired by the Japanese technique of Kintsugi, which allows each object to emanate a golden light.
The luminous element conveys a sense of lightness to those who look at it, due to a particular technique that makes each petal move hypnotically.

“The authentic grace of these pieces comes from the light that shines through the three-dimensional relief of the petals, creating a colour gradient from the inside out,” explains Gabriele Chiave, creative director of the Marcel Wanders studio.

Firefly Table Lamp
Firefly Table Lamp

But that’s not all. Lladrò presents the Ice Cream collection, which enhances the Light&Scent series, and new introductions to the Firefly and  Ivy&Seed collections.