The rainbow of Antoniolupi

The brand specialised in the creation of bathroom furnishing is at Maison&Objet with Reflex and Albume, in the sign of Cristalmood

Antoniolupi brings a wave of colours to M&O. This time the constant research and innovation of the Italian brand has led to the discovery and use of Cristalmood, used to create the products present at the French trade fair. The new material, patented by the company, joins Corian®, Flumood and Quarzomood in the design and manufacture of bathroom furnishings.

It is a new generation resin whose strong points are transparency and shine. Not only that, Cristalmood is coloured, Reflex and Albume are the proof. The tub and the sink will be the main protagonists of the Antoniolupi stand at Maison&Objet, where visitors can discover the various shades that make the furnishings interesting and never banal.

Reflex is the first transparent tub by Antoniolupi, characterised by the purity of its shape as well as by the harmony and minimalism that define its profile.
The lines combine functionality to aesthetics, highlighting the capacity of the basin.

Albume, instead, is the freestanding washbasin created to allow the marriage of opposites. Designed by Carlo Colombo, it combines lightness and solidity, rigor and expressiveness, without neglecting the union of two very different materials: natural marble and transparent resin, in fact.

Albume feeds on the alternation between a base that expresses solidity and resistance and a transparent and colourful basin that allows one to admire the water effects within it.