The turning point of Euroluce   

From a regional business to the conquest of foreign markets: the history and the philosophy of the company specialised in the creation of chandeliers as told by General Manager Michele Losito

The road to success is long, and often, as in the case of Euroluce, starts from afar. More precisely, from Puglia.
The company specialised in lighting was established about 20 years ago with the aim of producing chandeliers for the regional market. We interviewed the owner Michele Losito who spoke to us about his brand.

“We decided to devote ourselves to the production of high quality chandeliers, to do this – explains the General Manager – it was necessary to visit new markets. Euroluce first took part in national trade fairs, like the one in Milan, and then participated in international exhibitions such as those of Moscow and Kiev.”

Milan is in the destiny of the company based in Puglia. In fact, after the first participations at the Salone del Mobile, Euroluce presents Passion, its first catalogue, at Homi, the exposition dedicated to furnishing accessories and interior design: “This has allowed us to expose ourselves, introduce ourselves and make ourselves known the foreign market,” reveals Losito.

Michele Losito, General Manager Euroluce
Michele Losito, General Manager Euroluce

Euroluce has come a long way in a crowded market such as that of lighting, thanks to the creation of chandeliers that combine crystals with metals and give the possibility of offering well-assorted catalogues.
The result is a range of elegant products that are not excessively classic, highly appreciated by international customers: “95% of the turnover comes from abroad. Thanks to our presence at important trade fairs like those in Dubai and Shanghai, we have been able to meet many people, some of whom have then become our customers.”

Cascade, Euroluce

A company that not only looks at the residential market, but also at contract work. The novelty is represented by Studio in Project, a team of professionals that works in harmony with the artisans and deals exclusively with everything that cannot be commissioned in the catalogue.

Custom-made solutions are designed for particular customer needs, always taking into account factors such as the light architecture and the environments they will be used in, the reference market, safety, energy saving, automation and home automation.

Yncanto Meteorite, Euroluce
Yncanto Meteorite, Euroluce

2019 will mark a new beginning, once again in Milan: “We will present a new brand at the Salon that will act in parallel with Euroluce. It will deal with “modern” lighting to expand our offer to customers.” The name of the brand, however, will be unveiled only at the Salone del Mobile.Milano.