Tacchini, collections and Collision

On the occasion of the 2018 Salone del Mobile Milano.Milano Shanghai, 22 – 24 November, Element Plus in partnership with Tacchini will be hosting a lecture by renowned architect and designer Luke Pearson of London-based design & innovation studio PearsonLloyd.
Theme — The presentation is focused on the idea of Collison. There are multiple changes going on in the world at the moment, on a technological, cultural, social, demographic and political level. These changes are creating a vortex of change in human behaviour, environment, services, and business models. In his talk, Luke Pearson will try to make sense of this extraordinary change. Using design thinking he will help articulate and interpret the world using some of the studio’s work as a reference.

Tacchini, Ischia

In Shanghai various products will be present such as Ischia, a modular system influenced by natural shapes and artistic allusions, destined for collective settings. Ischia comprises a number of freely-combinable individual components: the seats can be single or double, and come with or without a backrest.

Tacchini, Galleria

Galleria is a complete design with the versatility to create a vast range of different solutions: a linear bench, a double corner seat, an island perfect for waiting, relaxation and conviviality. And all this is developed around a simple steel bar, onto which to freely attach the various simple, geometrically-shaped elements in wood, leather, fabric, marble and metal painted in a range of colours.

Crystal is a design with a sophisticated and unusual aesthetic. The collection includes a sofa – which combines oblique and curved lines and comes in two sizes – and an armchair with a distinctive round shape. The key feature in both cases is the invisible base, which gives the impression that they are floating above the ground.

Tacchini, Polar

Polar is inspired by the shear forms of the ice caps in the arctic seas, thus giving life to an extremely versatile seating system. The seats and backrests, characterized by their full and sheared forms can be coupled together in a variety of ways, creating numerous seating layouts or options.